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  • A Journey Into Healing - A look into the healing art of reiki and how it helps to balance the mind body and soul in an easy to understand format for everyone.

  • Reiki Hand Placements - Diagrams show the hand placements used for self treatment and treatment on others. Links to Reiki articles.

  • Alef Reiki - Information on ancient healing modality based on the Hebrew alphabet rediscovered by Eli Machani.

  • Bill's Reiki Page - Bill Pentz provides an overview of various styles and indepth articles on issues.

  • Holistic Online: Reiki - How the technique works, clinical trials, the conditions for which it is beneficial. Use of crystals and other articles.

  • Introduction to Reiki - A brief overview of the history and uses of Reiki.

  • Reiki 4 All - Information on Usui, Tera Mai, and Karuna styles. Multilingual site by Remy Willems in the Netherlands.

  • Reiki Healing: The Crystal Garden - Information on Western style Reiki and the use of crystals in healing. Information on meditation and care for crystals.

  • Reiki One - Practitioner and teacher directory, question and answer forum, classifieds, newsletter. Hosted by Teri A. Moore in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Reiki Questions - FAQ on Usui method; products and links directory.

  • Reiki for All - Information about Reiki and other holistic healing methods often used together with Reiki. Symbols and practitioners list available.

  • - Learn about Reiki healing and how it can help keep and maintain health. Also includes information about the chakras, auras and their color meanings and kundalini energy.

  • - General information about Reiki, its history, and treatment methods. Also includes a forum for practitioners.

  • SKHM - Origin of Seichim style rediscovered by Patrick Zeigler. History, workshops and attunements. Multilingual site.

  • Sacred Path Reiki - Extensive articles and resources on history, techniques and teachers. Information on legal issues.

  • The Healing Touch - Free articles and information on Reiki and Karuna Reiki.

  • The Reiki Page - David Herron provides a list of Reiki practitioners, history and ethical principles.




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